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Project Description

The versatile L–shape of this kitchen design uses all the available wall space. The movable island is a great
way of controlling the design of the kitchen/dining area as well as retaining a sense of space. I personally
love to use a corner studio sink—when the design allows—as it is great way to free up counter space.
The shade of grey used on kitchen cabinets is sophisticated, subtle and enhances all the other colours.

White is an uncompetitive colour that has a powerful connection to freshness and increases the sense of space.
The walls are a blue shade, this historically has a strong association to kitchen for example—Delft crockery.
The existing terracotta colour floor tiles add a rich warm background for all these colours.The use of bamboo
on the counter tops,the stainless steel of the appliances and glass splash backs create texture and depth
negating the artificial effect of the laminated surfaces. A Blackboard adds a sense of fun and practicality

Project Details